Selasa, 20 Juni 2017


Wednesday, May 9,2017
Today we suppose to be have the day off because the classroom will be sterilized, but we are still have a math class and second general chemistry lab work. Even so, we chemistry students are eager to come to campus even though our reports and journals are not finished yet. After the math class ended, we rushed to continue the reports and journals that were completed because it was a requirement to join the lab work. The lab work started at 1:00 pm and we started marching in front of the hall to enter the lab. During the lab, we followed what the assistant said. Our experiments are about rate reaction. When the lab work was ended, the rain came and we could not go home, and finally waited for the rain to stop in the hall. After the rain have stopped, we went home and i picked up by my friend to go home.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today we have a HUT KOMIK games event, so I have to leave early at 05:00 am because the committee should come early. Our activities are held in mipa hall, under shade trees. Games that we held are the yel yel race, jumping sack race, pingpong race run, race tug of war, and marbles competition.
Before the race begins, we hold gymnastics first and upholstery uptake. All the contests we follow happily. But at the end of the race, that is when the race tug of war, our friend got an injury, his feet are wound by wooden, so we were a little panicked, and immediately taken to UNTAN hospital. Then we took care of everything we need to do and plan to visit our friend, but it turns out he was back before we went to UNTAN hospital. We began to calm down after hear that.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Today we are still in college for the religion class. We rushed to the campus because the lecture started at 7:30. We studied together with the biology department, statistics department, and information system department. After the completion of the congregation, we went home and in the afternoon, the training for the opening event of KOMIK. We practice modern dance, dayak dance, and batak dance in nineteen. We're really training because the show is coming soon. Our dancers minus one person, as he follows the closing of the cadre. Nevertheless, we are still excited. In modern dance, we have 8 members. In the dayak dance, we have 3 members. In Batak dance, we have 3 members. After the practice, we went home to each other.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Today we have a general organic chemistry lab starting at 13:00. However, I came early to consulate the graph and draw structures with chemskat application. When the time is right for the lab, we begin to march in the hall. The experiments we did today are alcohol and phenol compounds. We worked on this experiment with group 2A. In our experiments, we came to understand what the different between alcohol compounds and which are phenol compounds. After the lab finished we went home. I am ready for pangaratto worship. I and my friend went to ayani 2 together.
We also follow worship with wisdom, the word that I can quote during ibadah is, we must help each other, especially with fellow believers. I went home in peace because it has got a spiritual splash. I got home at 21.30.

My Future Business

       To be enterprenure is my dream especially in pharmacy . I want to make drug that can  be consumption without side effect. I think this idea bussines when I didn't passed to doctor faculty.  My dream is help many people to heal them that sick.  This thing make me want to produce natural medicine from plant.  Example,  "tanaman kumis kucing" as "obat kencing batu", "tanaman keji beling" as kidney medicine, "tanaman jarak"  as allergic medicine, "tanaman samiloto" as fever medicine and other plant.

        Using the wild plant, we can earn much money same with people that having job in medic.  I think pharmacy bussines can be succes because in Indonesia people trust with herbal medicine  than operartion.  But to begin this bussines need more money to find out the plant that can be use for medicine.  Not just money,  we also need long time to survive it.  But if we can work together the chemistry expert,  pharmasist,  and medic.  The idea bussines can succes.

Minggu, 16 April 2017

Ask an expert

 This week,I will interview my friend her full name is veren moody,she was a gril with some of the adievements.I have interview her on monday,on april 10,2017.And this is the result!
 πŸ‘§:when you got your first                                achievement?
 πŸ‘΅:I got my first achievhement when i was at the senior high school level.
At that time, I and my team was got second place with the writing theme of cultural.
πŸ‘§:So, you are aleready have a lot of competition, Right? Can you tell me all your achievement?
πŸ‘΅:Yes, thank you for your compliment! When i was at the second grade, I was trusted to represent my province in Malang, east java and there are also another team from my school, yeah two team represent my school and my province. The result are our senior got the first place and my team got the third place. On 2015, I got another comptetition for a national regional on october and november in east java again. The ressult was really shocking me! I am got the first and second place (silver medal) and I also have to represent my city in province regional is competitions.
πŸ‘§:Wow! Really interisting! How do you practice and the other side you should also follow the activities of the school?
πŸ‘΅:Fortunately my school is verry supporting us, so we are allowed not to follow the lessons in advance and focus to practice the presentation and question and answer section. We practice from the morning and usually until the evening. If there are more than one team, then we will take turns to be trained and it would require a long time.
πŸ‘§:Okay, finished, thank your time
πŸ‘΅:Yeah, your welcome
πŸ‘§:Happy working with you
πŸ‘΅:I am also happy

That's is the result of our interview
He took me great and I like that.

Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

My skill

We meet again???
 This time i want to talk abaut skills,
Yes it cooks
 I love cooking stems from the busyness of my parents,advised my parents rarely at home,so like it or not when i am hungry so had to cook their own.
 The first time i learned to cook,i cook fried rice,even if lnitially less than satisfactory,slightly salty, recetly,advised in learning to cook,i started trying to cook  the other,such as chicken curry and i also dare to cook fot my family of my great,i am glad that my family loved,to make me even mor passion to learn to cook.
 I also have started even attempting to learn to make cake,such as steamed cakes and sweet martabak,and now cook it as something that can not escape from me
I really love cooking world and hopefully i can develop my skills in cooking🍳

Thank friends who already want to come to my blog,sorry still lack a lot in i'm still learningπŸ™…